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A series of talks on Asynchronous Programming with Javascript by Abhinav Shrivastava

Welcome to the Asynchronous JavaScript Talks!

Here you will find the talks I have delivered on Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript over the years.

I did not fall in love with JavaScript when I first used it. I found a lot of things that were counter-intuitive, those which made simple tasks extremely difficult. After struggling quite I bit though, I was able to see the beauty of it.

At the heart of it lies Asynchrony. This one paradigm of this language makes it a bit difficult to understand, but once you master it, you embark on a love affair.

I want everyone to be able to see the beauty of JavaScript.

So enrol into this free series of talks and fall in love with JavaScript!

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Abhinav Shrivastava
Abhinav Shrivastava

Hi, I'm Abhinav Shrivastava

Currently, I am the founder of Firebase Communities Group, a group of communities in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, focussed on Firebase in particular and cloud technologies in general, where I organise meetups and workshops.

I am a regular speaker at the Mumbai JavaScript Meetup, where I have delivered multiple talks around the theme of asynchronous programming with JavaScript.

I have also founded Learn.Café where you can find all my courses and talks!

Prior to this, I have worked for a digital healthcare startup based out of Mumbai, where I built their technology stack which helped thousands of patients better manage their chronic ailments such as diabetes.

I have also worked with a major consultancy firm on their learning management system, and helped colleges adopt it by creating a framework of curriculum curation that helps students achieve their learning objectives and course outcomes.

Hope you enjoy my courses!

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Class Curriculum

  Asynchonous Thinking with JavaScript
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  Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript
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  Asynchronous Control Flow with Streams
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